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Our last generation Go-Karts are very powerful and synchronized to computer which shows on a big screen the lap time and position of every participant with his name on it. We can organize authentic Go-Karting competition for you and your friends, even with trophies and champagne!
Our track is 422 meters long, 8 meters wide and has 2 right turns and 8 left turns.

•    8 minutes session
•    21€ per person

•    COMPETITION: min 6 pilots
•    6 minutes for the Pole Position, Race 10 laps
•    Podium ceremony and medals for the first three racers.
•    35€ per person

•    COMPETITION PRO: min 6 pilots
•    6 minutes training, 6 minutes for the Pole Position, Race 12 laps
•    Podium ceremony and medals for the first three racers, the rest will receive diplomas.
•    50€ per person




If there are mountains, there are canyons, too and rivers and small brooks running through them, like here in the province of Alicante. We’ll provide you with a wet suit, climbing harness, life jacket and helmet but you should bring a pair of extra shoes. Once you go down into the canyon following the guide, a new world opens for you: you’ll jump in natural water tanks, glide into rapids, plunge in foamy waters and descend the most vertical walls in abseiling. Adrenalin and fun for the most adventurous!



•    Duration: 3 hours approx.
•    Bring: Swim wear, hiking boots or trainers, and water.


•    51€ per person


Sea Trek


What would you think if you could walk on the bottom of the sea?
People did, some hundred years ago, but now you will be able to do this only wearing an air bubble on your shoulders.




•    Available every day



•    Full equipment, short briefing & approx. 30 min. of activity diving.



•    80€ per person




For this activity we’ll pick you up at your hotel or apartment and take you to the most unspoilt and savage coast of this area. Bring a couple of spare shoes and a towel and you’ll get a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet to wear. We’ll do an adventure trail along the coast with some jumping in the water, climbing sea rocks and some swimming. You don’t need a special physical condition and we do this in summer or winter, because of the mild weather of the Costa Blanca.



•    Duration: 4 hours approx.
•    Bring: Swim suit, spare shoes, towel, sun protection, water. We will provide the rest.



•    46€ per person


Downhill River Bed


Ingredients: a 8 seated All Terrain Car, a trailer with the mountain bikes, 2 friendly and fit instructors, a mountain reservoir, a river bed and you, full of anger to live this remarkable adventure. The track goes all the way down the river bed to the beach of Altea; it’s not hard but certainly one of the most beautiful areas with its 22km of lemons, oranges, pommy granites, the local Nisperos groves and the waving canes as you pass through the long and dark natural tunnels.


•    Mountain bikes with front suspension and 24 gears.
•    Helmets


•    Half day


POSSIBLE GROUPS (due to the capacity of our vehicles)
•    6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 persons


•    hotel or apartments


•    51€ per person


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