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Family Bicycle Tour Marco Polo Benidorm

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Jetski Marco Polo Expediciones Benidorm


Another exclusive excursion! Grab this opportunity to fly literally over the water seated together with your partner on a powerful water scooter. But before that, you’ll be asked to sign an instruction form with safety and responsibility rules. So don’t forget your passport. This is a must for speed lovers. You’ll discover hidden bays, forgotten beaches and spectacular rock formations from the sea. All jet skis are 2 seated.

•    Every day, Experience not necessary.
•    Bring: Passport, swim suit, towel, sun protection etc.
•    Price panoramic route aprox. 1 hour: 125€
•    Price panoramic route aprox. 2 hours: 175€


Paintball Marco Polo Benidorm


This thrilling game is organised by Marco Polo in fully equipped as a paintball field area in Benidorm. We provide you with all the equipment: overalls, masks, semi automatic guns and a magazine of two hundred rounds. (Reloads are available at extra cost). Bring: good shoes and a lot of adrenaline. 3 different fields are available. Individuals are also welcome to join teams! At your arrival, 2 teams of 3 to 8 participants will be formed who will then try to eliminate each other by shooting little harmless balls with special compressed air – rifles.

•    Minimum 6 persons, maximum 20 persons at once.
•    Minimum age: 16 years (Kids between 14 and 16 years: only with adult family member).
•    Meeting point: Marco Polo Office Benidorm; Paintball area at 1km approx.).
•    Everyday morning or afternoon. Check availability.
•    INCLUDED: semi automatic guns, 100 balls, overalls, protective mask, and protective vests.
•    OPTIONAL: transport from any hotel in Benidorm. More balls available 5€ per 100
•    Price: 23€ with out transport; 28€ per person with transport



Moonlight Safari

Moonlight Safari Marco Polo Benidorm


An experience never to be forgotten!! As the sun sets on Benidorm, the Marco Polo jeeps will head off inland through the natural tracks, passing through woods. Here you will experience the mysterious sensation of the shadows of the night.  After the dusty tracks, take a dip under fresh waterfalls followed by a delicious barbecue under a starry sky, accompanied by good music.
Don’t forget swimming costume and towel. Also some warm clothing is recommended for late evening as this an open air excursion.
•    From 15/06/14 until 15/09/14: Tuesdays.
•    Drivers and their families 6:00pm in the office of Marco Polo Expediciones.
•    Pick up passengers at 6:30pm in their hotel.
•    Starts: 6.30pm – Return: 00.30am. Important: at night is cold up in the mountains, bring warm
•    Bring: driving licence, jersey, swim suit and clothes for change.
•    Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.
•    INCLUDED: Entrance to the “Fuentes Del Algar” and luxury barbecue.
•    Price: Adults 65€ per person;   Kids under 12 years: 57€


Jeep Safari

A full day of adventure and fun driving through the Costa Blanca’s beautiful and rough and green countryside. If you choose to participate as a passenger, you will be picked up at your hotel by one of our professional drivers with a comfortable 8 passenger seated Santana Anibal all terrain vehicle. But if you want to experience this adventure driving yourself, bring your drivers licence and try one of our 4x4 Suzuki jeeps. Get ready for some spectacular tracks through mountains and valleys, forgotten villages, deep canyons, an idyllic turquoise reservoir and a jungle like riverbed. At noon, you can either take a delicious 3 course meal at very economic prices at the typical mountain restaurant or eat your pick nick with a glass of refreshment.Later in the afternoon, time for a fresh “natural shower” at the Algar waterfalls to wash away the dust (optional). Don’t forget: swimming costume, towel and warm change of clothes. Included: entrance at waterfalls.

•    From 01/05/15 until 31/10/15: Monday - Wednesday - Friday.
•    From 01/07/15 until 31/08/15: Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday - Sunday
•    Drivers (min. held full driving licence for 3 years)
•    Passengers: pick up 9.30am in the hotel; drivers: Marco Polo Expediciones office at 9.15am
•    Return: Aprox. 5.00pm. (passengers and drivers)
•    Don’t forget: driving licence, jersey in the spring sun protection and swim suit in the summer.
•    INCLUDED: entrance to the “Fuentes Del Algar”.
•    Price: Adults 59€ per person ; Kids under 12 yrs: 48€

Reserve Online Via Paypal underneath

Self drive or passenger
Date: DD/MM/YY

Idioma / Taal / Langue

Benidorm Webcam

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